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Those who attended last year averaged:

increase in enrollments

increase in new Q’s

increase in commission

January 27-28, 2017 | Phoenix, Arizona

Your business is right at the edge of making it big…all you need is a final push. Join top leaders from across North America at Leadership Academy 2017 to gain the skills and energy you need to take your business over the edge! Register now to hold your spot! You’ll be refunded if you do not meet qualifications or earn a registration waiver. 

Registration Fee: $75 

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How Do I Qualify?


Leadership Academy is exclusively available to the first 150 consultants who complete all of the following criteria between Aug. 1, 2016 and Jan. 26, 2017:


Hit Mentor or above

Earn $1,000 in new Q sales

4 new enrollments

Have I Qualified?


*QX3 does not apply. $1,000 is accrued from first month shipments.


The Hilton in Phoenix

Known for luxury and top-class amenities, the Hilton in Phoenix is the central location of Leadership Academy! Book your room by December 31, 2016 to receive special pricing, and don’t forget your chance to earn your whole trip for FREE!

Discounted Rate: $139/night*

Book Your Stay

Or call 480-894-1600 and use the code THLI.

*This discounted pricing is only for Thursday, Jan. 26 and Fri, Jan 27. Any additional night must be arranged by calling the hotel. Pricing adjustments will apply for nights booked outside of the dates provided.

The rooms for the gold medal winners of the Thrive Games will be contacted by corporate to setup the hotel arrangements. Reservations must be made online by December 31, 2016



Leadership Activity

Join us for an old western hayride through the Sonoran Desert with your Thrive Life friends!

Explore the Arizona back country like no one else, then kick back and relax with a catered BBQ! Purchase your ticket for $65 a person by January 19, 2017, and don't forget that Thrive Games Gold Medalists attend for FREE!




Thursday, Jan 26

Old West Experience at MacDonald’s ranch (must buy-in)

Friday, Jan 27

Announcements, workshops, and dinner provided by Chef Todd


Saturday, Jan 28


Pictures & Good-byes
3 :00pm



Registered Attendees

Updated weekly. Last updated on 01/18/2017


Debbie and Monty Abbott, 2
Lori Aguinaldo, 1
Mary Andersen, 1
Emily Anderson, 1
Stefanie Arciniega, 2
Lisa Atkinson, 2
Kathy & Blake Atwood, 2
Bonnie Ball, 2
Valerie Baugh, 1
Wendi Bergin, 1
KJ Bosch, 1
Debbie Breen Arndt, 1
Dustin and Bobbi Brossard, 2
Sherry Brower, 2
Ashley Butler, 1
Christine Campbell, 1
Jessica Cole, 1
Holly Cooley, 2
Melissa Coombs, 1
Valerie Coy, 1
Anne Dann, 1
Janet DeLoach-Howard, 1
Kristen Downum, 1
Julie Finlayson, 2
Pam Finn, 1
Tana Forsythe, 1
Richard Freeman, 2
Tonya Fridley, 1
Cassie Fuller, 1
Deborah Gaines, 1
Carline Garcia, 2
Dan Gase, 1
Jennifer Georgeson, 1
Elizabeth Grange, 1
Faith Green, 1
Mandy Guiley, 2
Janae Hale, 2
Christina Hallmeyer, 1
Krista Hampton, 1
Gina Hansen, 1
Bella Hanske, 2
Holly Hardy, 2

Bryon Hart, 1
Tammy & Amber Heath, 2
Laurel Heintz, 1
Lisa Hoyle, 1
Francesca Hutchinson, 1
Melanie Ipsen, 1
Heather Jaques, 2
Leslie Jeanfreau, 1
Jennifer Jessup, 2
Debi Johnson, 1
Allen Julian, 2
Jodi and Julie, 2
Anita King, 1
Vicki Koen , 2
Cassandra Kompf, 1
Michelle Langford, 1
Susan Leonardson, 1
Lora Little, 2
Janet Lott, 1
Cassandra Lowery, 1
Rachel Mano, 2
Rachel Messina, 1
Jana Mittag, 1
Janae Monson, 1
Roxsan Mottishaw, 2
Angela Moulton, 2
Wanda Murphy, 1
Lynda Neuenschwander, 2
Loretta Offutt, 2
David & Heather Parker, 2
Sandra Pearce, 2
Tara Pearce, 2
Amber Pearce, 1
Carrie Pendergast, 1
Billie Peterson, 1
Linda Purvis, 2
Cathy & Melanie Radford, 2
Dakari Ralph, 1
Mila Ranovic, 1
Leah Rasmussen, 2
Shelli Rasmussen, 1
Monty and Stacy Reed, 1

Becky Richey, 1
Amber Rider, 1
Janiene and Kevin Rise, 2
Lynette Robinson, 1
Annie Robinson, 1
Jon and Hilary Saunders, 1
Diane Sellers, 1
Katie Shields, 2
Brandi Sorensen, 2
Amber Spackman, 1
Cindy Suelzle, 1
Jenny Tanner, 1
Lorin & Linda Tessem, 2
Kristine Treadway, 1
Beverly Velasco, 1
Christina Verheire, 2
Amy Wardle, 1
Lisa Warnick, 2
Keith Whiting, 1
Heather Wilson, 1
Leah Wilson, 2
Sabrina Winder, 1
Cindy Witte, 1
Cindy Wolfe, 1
Stacy Woodward, 2
Trisha Zook, 1